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"A Voice Toward Unity"

Include, Empower, Impact

Brought together by a similar cause for today, and together striving for a better tomorrow. “Unity” is what inspired our 3rd WJMUN conference, and paved the way for our direction and determination in each council represented here in this event. However, we cannot be able to achieve this unity without our voices being heard. Bringing together people from different backgrounds allows us to collectively join together as one and bring forth “a Voice Towards Unity”. Unity in itself is hard to grasp and is something that everyone wishes to obtain, but how can one be so driven to achieve it? As our world evolves, it is inevitable to have problems and conflict arise. These issues must be resolved with teamwork and a common goal. Through this Model United Nations Conference, we aim to be able to Include, Empower and Impact all the participants and be able to bring forth resolutions that can benefit everyone for a singular goal and be able to achieve a Voice Towards Unity.

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