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Marin Suzuki
General Organizer 

Honorable chairs and esteemed delegates, I am pleased to represent as the main organizer for the 3rd WJMUN Conference. Over the last few years we have dealt with hardships and often found ourselves isolated from others due to pandemic protocols. Thus, the hope for this year’s conference is to unite delegates and create “our voice”. Our voice will be empowering and captivating built by passionate young minds. I am both excited and honored to have the privilege to lead an ambitious team where together we have our own voice. See you at WJMUN III!


Isa Jaro
Co-Organizer and Secretary

Honorable chairs, esteemed delegates, and fellow debaters, I am one of the co-organizers and the secretary of our 3rd WJMUN conference. As a secretary, I aim for our conference to be as smooth-flowing and organized as the previous years, especially because this will be our very first conference face-to-face ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. As a co-organizer, I hope that this conference will bring fellow delegates together for a single cause, to bring a voice towards unity. I have also aimed for this conference to be an outlet for all delegates to speak up, stand up for what they believe is right, and bring together resolutions that will help create a better future for us and the generations to come. I am looking forward to working with you all. See you at WJMUN III!!

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Johan Barth
Co-Organizer and Advertisement

Greetings chairs, delegates, supervisors and all others. I am one of the co-organizers and head of advertisement for WJMUN III. In the past I have participated in 3 WJMUN conferences not only as a delegate but also as a chair. I was also head of advertisement in last year’s WJMUN team. With that being said I will make sure to keep you all updated on any news throughout the entirety of the conference and make sure your experience is as smooth as can be. If you have any questions feel free to directly contact me through WJMUNs Instagram. I am looking forward to meeting many of you soon!


Jiwon Lee

Honorable chairs and distinguished delegates, I am part of the hosting and touring department for the 2023 WJMUN. Through participating in WJMUN and SEOMUN as a delegate over the past year, I have gained some experiences which I hope I can use to make this year’s team successful. I am looking forward to seeing many wonderful delegates from all around the world and hope the conference will be full of fruitful debates!


Souma Eguchi

Hello, honorable chairs and esteemed delegates, I am part of the hosting team as an organizer of the 3rd West Japan Model United Nations conference. Through my experiences with different MUN conferences, I have learned what a fun and engaging MUN conference needs. Therefore, by becoming one of the main organizers I aim to make this in-person conference as engaging for every delegate present. Thank you for your participation and I hope you enjoy what we have prepared! 


Shun Endo

Greetings honorable chairs and esteemed delegates. I am one of the members of the finance team for our WJMUN III conference. As this is the first time in a while we will have a face to face conference, I hope my team and I can make this experience of WJMUN as enjoyable as possible. I am looking forward to listening to ideas by delegates to provide a new “Voice towards unity”


Zhenzhuo Li

Honorable chairs and renowned delegates, I am one of the members in the finance team for our third WJMUN conference. Our team has always sought to create the most engaging and inviting environment in which everyone can openly express their own political ideas and beliefs. Despite the fact that WJMUN is still in its third year we are continually developing and improving. I trust and look forward to your amicable talks about the future and growth of many countries at this MUN conference. In addition, please do not feel shy to say your opinion out loud! We would love to hear your voices.


Miyu Lee

Greetings honorable chairs, guests, advisors and esteemed delegates. It is an honor to serve as part of the communication team for our 3rd WJMUN conference. Due to the pandemic, we’ve all experienced difficulties in hosting or joining conferences in person. Working to hold an in-person conference for the first time in years is such a wonderful opportunity and privilege. I am looking forward to seeing you all, and hope that together we can take a step for “A Voice towards Unity”.


Jiaxu Zhao

Hello esteemed guests and delegates! I am honored to take part in organizing this conference as a member of the communications team. At WJMUN, we strive to provide a most engaging and welcoming environment where everyone can voice their opinions freely in debates, on things they’re most passionate about. Though, as a conference that’s only three years old, we are still growing, gaining our experience and constantly improving; So please don’t ever hesitate to ask questions or to give feedback, whether it’s about details of the conference, your experience at our school, or about the team! (you also give opportunities for us to practice writing emails) We cannot wait to see you at our first in-person conference!


Haruto Shimpo

Hello esteemed delegates and guests. It is an honour to serve as one of the organisers for this conference as the IT Manager. I hope that through this conference, we will be able to learn more about the world we live in and connect with one another. I hope everybody involved will find the conference enjoyable and engaging for this year's WJMUN!

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Alexander Kameoka

Greetings honorable chairs and distinguished delegates. I am a part of the communications team for our 3rd WJMUN conference. It is truly an honor to take part in hosting the first in-person conference in years, and we wish to create an enjoyable experience for all of those involved, so please never hesitate to reach out and give feedback or ask questions! I am looking forward to meeting and working with you all. See you at WJMUN III!

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