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Kneeling Protestors

United Nations High Commissioner for refugees

Life is not fair, and this is the harsh reality that is often imposed on a person the moment they are born. While we are spending quality times with our family and friends under warm and comfortable shelters, some people are living in constant fear and spending the last bit of their breath fighting for survival. Due to various factors such as frequent warfare and religious persecutions, the number of refugees and internally displaced communities have increased dramatically over the past few decades. With the theme, “World in Harmony”, the West Japan Model United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees highly encourages all involved delegates to contribute their thoughtful insights to produce solutions that ensure the safety and rights of those who decide to abandon their homes and seek asylum. 


United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

  1. The prevention of sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment against refugees

  2. Accomplishing social inclusion by minimizing discrimination against refugees in order to ensure their safety in the countries where they have found refuge

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